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During 2017, Page Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center fined $229,169.00 by federal government

Page Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center complaints and violations of law resulted in state and federal agencies levying fines against the corporate operator of this Fort Myers nursing home during 2017.  Page Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center is a 180 bed nursing home located at 2310 North Airport Road, Fort Myers, FL 33907.  The owner and licensee of this nursing home is a not-for-profit corporation known as Shady Rest Care Pavilion, Inc.

Nursing home corporations that accept taxpayer dollars through the Medicare and Medicaid programs must meet basic, minimum requirements when it comes to providing care to residents.  These requirements are, in essence, safety rules designed to protect residents and enhance their quality of life.  The failure to substantially comply with these safety rules can result in a citation of deficiencies.  At least once every fifteen months, and each time someone files a complaint, the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration conducts an unannounced inspection at nursing homes in Florida.  Just recently, on December 14, 2017, the State of Florida fined Page Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center a total of $10,000.00 based on its observations at the nursing home during an inspection.  Earlier in the year, on April 6, 2017, the federal government fined the nursing home a total of $229,169.00

Multiple violations of law cited against Page Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center during 2017, including Class I deficiencies placing residents in “Immediate Jeopardy” of harm

State investigators found problems at Page Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center that, based on their scope and severity, they determined placed a number of residents in the nursing home in immediate jeopardy of suffering harm.  These Class I deficiencies pertained to the failure of nursing home staff to provide adequate and appropriate healthcare and their failure to follow physicians’ orders.  Other concerns documented by Florida investigators during the April 6, 2017 visit included observed failures to ensure that residents received appropriate care to promote their well-being, were free from abuse, and the failure to notify residents’ physicians of significant changes in their health condition or following a decline in health.

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When Florida officials returned for another unannounced inspection at the nursing home on November 2, 2017, they once again observed that staff was failing to follow physician orders.  At that time, problems were also noted and violations of law were cited for matters relating to medication errors, the sanitary storage or preparation of food, and the failure to maintain accurate, complete and accessible medical records for residents.  The complete list of deficiencies cited against Page Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center may be viewed here:

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