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Investigation of Arden Courts of Sarasota Assisted Living Facility Results in Statement of Deficiencies and Follows Lawsuit Complaint Filed the Previous Year.

An investigation of Arden Courts of Sarasota Assisted Living Facility conducted by the Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration and concluded on July 20, 2017 resulted in the state issuing a citation of deficiencies against this ALF located at 5509 Swift Road, Sarasota, Florida 34231.  Arden Courts of Sarasota is an assisted living facility that is affiliated with HCR Manorcare. The Arden Courts of Sarasota complaints or complaint related to unsafe food handling practices, resident weight loss and the failure of the assisted living facility to conduct a nursing assessment.    Arden Courts of Sarasota lawsuits may be found in the local court records.  As further revealed in the public records of Sarasota County, on September 2, 2016, a former resident of Arden Court of Sarasota filed a lawsuit against the licensee of the assisted living facility, Arden Courts of Sarasota FL, LLC along with other entities, including HCR Manorcare, Inc.  That lawsuit and complaint alleged that Arden Courts of Sarasota failed to monitor the resident’s appropriateness of placement in the facility, failed to monitor her for signs of infection, and failed to notify her physician of significant changes in her condition.  The resident also complained that her doctor’s orders were not followed by Arden Courts of Sarasota.

Most Recent Deficiencies and Complaints Relate to Food Service and Weight Loss

With the investigation and survey at Arden Courts of Sarasota completed on July 20, 2017, Florida officials found that:  “Based on observation, staff interview, and record review, the facility failed to provide nutrition in a safe and sanitary manner for facility residents.  The person in charge of providing meals failed to perform their duties in a safe and sanitary manner.  Improper food handling could lead to contamination and spread of [word omitted] to residents.”  The omitted word from these findings was likely “bacteria” or “infection.”

The findings included observations that staff members at Arden Courts of Sarasota adjusted or positioned residents in their chairs, and without washing or santizing their hands, returned to the barehanded delivery of meals to the residents.  Additionally, one investigator observed and noted that “Staff A scratched her nose then picked up the plates and delivered them to the resident’s table without sanitizing her hands.”  Other instances of unsanitary practices were also documented during this investigation.

State Investigators Also Found Fault with Arden Courts of Sarasota’s Failure to Properly Assess a Resident after a Significant Weight Loss

According to state investigators, “the facility failed to ensure the monthly nursing assessment evaluated care issues for [a resident] resulting in no assessment being performed for a resident with a significant weight change.  Nursing observation and assessments are fundamental for ensuring resident well-being, health and safety.  In the context of weight loss, a resident whose nutritional status is not assessed by nursing staff faces danger and harm:  the danger that they may become malnourished, dehydrated, continue to lose weight and suffer a significant decline in health and even death.  Another reason why it is important to assess residents is to make sure that they remain and continue to be appropriate for placement in an assisted living facility environment.

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